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The Mission of Berthoud CARES is to provide a vehicle to create awareness of issues pertaining to the community of Berthoud, CO.  As an organized 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization, Berthoud CARES is committed to providing the necessary resources that will enhance and overall awareness to benefit individuals and/or organizations within our community.

Berthoud CARES was established in January 2007 in response to a great need for coordination, communication, and facilitation of fundraising efforts for those in need in our community.

Following a tragic accident involving several local young people, the community of Berthoud along with other groups and individuals from around the State of Colorado and nationwide, responded with care, concern, and amazing energy and dedication to provide whatever support and fundraising they could. Hundreds of people responded with offers to help, dozens of fundraising efforts were organized, and hundreds of thousands of dollars were raised in an unbelievably short amount of time.

The founding members of Berthoud CARES saw a need to help facilitate those efforts and provide guidance, a web site, a hotline, and other resources to help the fundraising efforts be as effective and efficient as possible.

Berthoud CARES!

Berthoud CARES truly does care about everyone in our community!  Our organization is available to assist with the promotion of community events and to lend promotional assistance to those Berthoud residents who might find themselves in need of support due to accident, illness, or other tragic events.

To contact a representative from Berthoud CARES, strike on the “Contact ” tab on our website.  You will find a listing of the Board members of the organization who are available to field your requests for information.

If you would like to help:

All support is welcome and appreciated! 

We are always in need of donations to support the coordination of this website and to fund the Kids Helping Kids Grant Program.  To make a donation, send your donation to Berthoud CARES – 444 1st Street – Berthoud, CO 80513.


Berthoud CARES is an official not-for-profit organization
recognized by the Internal Revenue Service.

Donations to Berthoud CARES are tax-deductible contributions to this community organization that lends assistance to the citizens of Berthoud, CO.